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We all have our insecurities as women. It could be that love handle holding on a little too tight to your waist. Or maybe the fact that you cannot fit into that cute little top anymore is getting you down. The good thing about these issues is that there is actually a lot that you can do to change them.

That is where lifestyle brands like LadyBoss come in. The program seeks not only to get you to your goal weight, but to change your whole perspective on health and fitness. That way, the results will be a lot easier to sustain in the long run. So in this LadyBoss review, we are going to look into everything that the brand has to offer.


  • The program’s unique body positive approach.
  • Access to customized plans for better results.
  • Numerous freebies as well as affordable merch.
  • Access to support system for any questions you may have.
  • It features both gym and at home workout plans.


  • It is not a magic cure; you have to be consistent to see the results.
  • There is no external accountability system so you must be disciplined.


With all these factors considered it is safe to say that LadyBoss is a brand worth investing in if you are serious about a lifestyle change. With everything from customized workouts to yummy healthy recipes and all the other the benefits laid out in this LadyBoss review, you can bet that you will be seeing results in no time. 

What Is LadyBoss?

LadyBoss is the brainchild of award winning fitness expert Kaelin Tuell Poulin. The founder alone is one of the reasons for this program’s unique approach. She, like most of her target audience, struggled with her weight for a long time. She tried all the fad diets out there but nothing worked—at least not long term.

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It wasn’t until she decided to completely change her lifestyle and create a program that worked for her that she started to see change. Now she is a globally celebrated fitness professional and bodybuilder with a great perspective on healthy weight loss. The numerous LadyBoss reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers throughout the web are further proof of the trust in the brand.

What Is The Goal For Lady Boss?

This isn’t another one of those weightloss programs seeking to spew out more gym addicts and bikini models into the world. The brand’s focus is more on helping clients achieve a more body positive attitude and learn to love themselves, as you’ll see on the next section of this LadyBoss review. That way, any and all weight loss activities will seem more like rewards than punishments.

What Does Lady Boss Have To Offer?

LadyBoss is a pretty well-rounded program with a whole lot to offer you as the client. There are packages dealing with workouts, others on diet and a few that help you deal with the mental aspects of health, fitness, and weight loss. In our LadyBoss review, these are some of the most popular things they have to offer:

Personalized Coaching Services

LadyBoss has a package known as 1-on-1 coaching. Here, you get attached to a personal trainer who will walk with your through your weightloss journey. They will help come up with customized workout and meal plans and keep you motivated even when things get tough.

Weight Loss Guides

Big Fat Lies is one weight loss guide book from LadyBoss that seeks to help women through the process of making a lifestyle change. It emphasizes on the need for long term and sustainable changes to help not only loss, but keep off any excess weight. In this book you will find incredible weightloss secrets that have worked for many people including Kaelin.

Trendy Workout Outfits And Accessories

The right workout outfit and accessories could make the world of a difference in terms of the mindset you adopt and the results you get. So ditch those oversize sweats and branded tees and take a look at what the Lady Boss Swag Store has to offer. 

They have items available in different sizes all designed to make you feel good about yourself. With this mental aspect of weight loss covered, you should be well on your way to successfully facing the rest of your journey.


Supplements are a great addition to your lifestyle change especially if you are focusing on things like intense workouts and bodybuilding. There is an entire line dedicated to this specific niche as will be discussed in detail in the next section of this LadyBoss review. 

They are all GMO-free, gluten-free and packed with natural ingredients to help you with your fitness endeavors.

Lady Boss Products: 5 Pre And Post Workout Supplements

LadyBoss BURN

This product is designed to help with faster weight loss. The formula contains ingredients that increase metabolic rates, facilitate fat oxidation, and control appetite. This alone will not have you bikini-ready, but complement it with consistent workouts and a healthy diet and you’re good to go. See our full Lady Boss Burn Review.

LadyBoss FUEL

If you have a hard time staying focused during workouts then this supplement is worth looking into. It is designed to boost energy levels ensuring you do not crash too soon after starting intense exercises. It also has compounds meant to improve mood and get you ready for your next workout. See our full Lady Boss Fuel Review.

LadyBoss LEAN

This supplement takes the form of a shake powder that is packed with proteins and vitamins. It is a great option if you are considering bodybuilding, as the high protein content helps improve muscle building and strengthening. It also improves digestion and burning of calories. See our full Lady Boss Lean Review.


After those intense workouts, your body will need to recover. This is the case particularly if it is your first time exercising intensely after a long time of inactivity. The supplement drink is watermelon flavored with the right combination of ingredients to restore your energy and help you deal with the inevitable soreness. See our full Lady Boss Recover Review.

LadyBoss REST

There is a lot more to weight loss than working out. One of the most grossly neglected aspects of this journey is mental stability. You need sufficient sleep, a positive attitude, and stable moods if this is going to work. The LadyBoss Rest pills help fill this need. That way even when you aren’t in the gym, you are still in that healthy lifestyle head space. See our full Lady Boss Rest Review.

LadyBoss Review: Our Final Verdict

With all these factors considered it is safe to say that LadyBoss is a brand worth investing in if you are serious about a lifestyle change. With everything from customized workouts to yummy healthy recipes and all the other the benefits laid out in this LadyBoss review, you can bet that you will be seeing results in no time. 

But there’s only one way to find out. Sign up for LadyBoss today and make the lifestyle change that your body deserves. Want all the Lady Boss Products? Check our our Lady Boss LABS Review!